I will find your winning shopify dropshipping product


I will provide a productwith high demand and low competition for yourShopifyDropshippingbusiness.

My Approach:

I do not just look for the top 10 hot selling items on Aliexpress and send a list in an excel file like everyone else,I focus on quality. I need to understand why a product is doing welland how the overall niche is performing.

In-depth Research:

I do my researches based on numbers and statistics. None of my results and decisions are made by emotions or gut feelings. I do detailed analyses with results that are well thought through.

My research includes:

Detailed in-depth report(about 20+ pages):

1. Product Choice & Features

2. Industry & Niche Analysis

3. Determination of Market Volume and Success-Chances

4. Trends & Forecasts

5. Potential RevenueCalculation

6. Aliexpress Suppliers

7. (50 high relevant keywords)

My product will have the potential to grow your business to a revenue stream of more than 15,000US$ each month. Please consider sufficient marketing efforts in order to scale to that amount or more per month.

Please contact me first in order to discuss your desired niche.